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Returns & Refunds

Here at CardGameGeek, we want your shopping experience to be the best it can be. However, we realize that a small percentage of our customers may occasionally wish to return merchandise for a refund. The following explains our refund and return polices for the various merchandise and services that we offer.

Sealed Products

If you would like to return any factory-sealed merchandise that we have sent you, for any reason, simply contact us within 14 Days of receipt. Once you are given approval for the return, return the merchandise in the same condition we sent it, and we will refund your purchase price, less the shipping charges. If the return is being made due to a mistake on our end, we will also refund all shipping charges associated with the transaction. However, if an item was sent to you sealed (for example, a sealed starter deck) and you opened the item, that item can not be returned. There are no exceptions to this policy.


Due to the volatile nature of the singles market, we do not accept returns on single cards. However, there are two exceptions to this policy.

1) If a customer receives a card in a lower condition than stated, simply contact us within 48 hours of receipt. We will work with you in either returning the card, refunding or offering store credit for the condition variance or exchange it if that same card is available.  If the customer is only looking for that specific condition and we do not have an alternative, we will offer a full refund and cover shipping charges to have the item returned.

2) All orders are checked for accuracy before being shipped, but it is still possible for mistakes to happen. If you have accidentally received item(s) that you did not order, simply contact us. Once you are given approval for the return, return the merchandise in the same condition we sent it, and we will exchange the item(s). In the event that we can not exchange the item(s), we will issue the customer a full refund for the purchase price of that item(s). We will also refund all shipping charges associated with the return of the item(s).

Lost Parcel

Here at CardGameGeek we offer 2 Shipment options:

  1. International Priority Mail: This solution is way faster and safer than the Ordinary Mail (Stamps) but still comes with no Track & Trace option. If any order shipped with International Priority Mail get lost we will not offer any refund, unless you have a proven track of being a customer. This is, sadly, due two main problems : People claiming they have not received their order while they did, and very long delays in delivery to some countries. That said, in the last years we had a percentage of lost of 0.02% while shipping all over the globe. Note that this option is available only for order up to 50€ of value.
  2. Registered Mail: This solution is the most safe one, as it allow customers and ourselves to follow the order and, in case any issues arise, reach out to the Postal Service/Courier to solve the issue. If for any reasons an order shipped with Registered Mail get lost, we will offer a full refund. If the order instead is not delivered due to wrong address info provided or if the courier is not being able to find you after 2 delivery tentatives, we will refund the order, minus the shipping costs and fees associated, once returned.

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