CardGameGeek is your home for classic collectible and trading card games.  

We are specialized in the “Dead” (Out of Production) CCGs. While not all  items are always available on our website, we do our best to keep a fresh inventory and fulfill your needs. With a wide range of experience, CardGameGeek can help you find the missing items for your collection.  

For years we have provided the best service from eBay (where we started) and we want you to have the same top experience while shopping on CardGameGeek Website, from browsing the site until you get your package in the mail.

If you see anything that needs to be improved upon, a bug that needs to be squashed or something you would like to see on the site, please feel free to Contact us.


CardGameGeek is not only a shop

Since we started back in the days our goal was to build a website that allow all the collectors and players alike find a tool that might be useful for them.

Collection Management, Deck Builder, News, Guides and anything related to the Dead CCG world. This is the real heart and soul of CardGameGeek.

CardGameGeek is completely free and Ad-free, and it’s a labour of love.

If you want to help out, wether you just want to see your game up there and can provide a Database and/or Cards Scan, you see bugs that needs to be fixed, have feedback or have web programming knowledge feel free to get in touch.


Maniac collector, fan and seller of all kind of Old CCG/TCG. Getting caught in Boardgames as well from time to time.