Holidays Schedule

Like every year, we will close some time early in December.

I might be overly zealous in playing it safe, but given it’s peak season and I ship almost only internationally, I don’t want to risk too many losses or orders delayed for months.

Our hobby is already scarce on some products, and it doesn’t do anything good to anyone if even more get lost to the postal system.

The world of shipping is already in a craze as it is, and I can hardly imagine what will happen in the next few weeks.

On top of that, we need some time to celebrate the Holidays with our families.

The plans for this year are as follow:

Today to Tuesday 13th December everything will proceed as normal. Please note that anything besides UPS will be unlikely to reach you before Xmas at this point. Also it’s worth mentioning you should expect potential delays, even long ones, please be aware.

From Wednesday 7th December Bank Transfer as a payment option will be disabled. This is to avoid payments running late and not make the cut before the last shipping date.

On 14th and 15th December orders can only be submitted with UPS as a shipping option. They are the only real chance to get something in time for Christmas at that point.

From 16th December to 2nd January 2022 shipping will be suspended but you will still be able to submit orders.

Anything ordered from 15th December to 2nd January will be shipped starting 3rd January 2022.

Remember the dates so that you can plan accordingly!

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