Wishlist available!

New features keep being added on top of Cards, and this time it’s the Wishlist!

I felt that the plugin used to notify of out of stock cards becoming available again was too limited in many ways, once you subscribed you could not opt out easily or keep track of your “subscriptions”.

Hence I started looking for alternatives and the Wishlist I found seems to be the perfect match.

To add a card to your wishlist is very easy, just click on the Heart on the top right corner of the item image, while on the category page,

or click on Add to Wishlist while on the product page.

To check your current Wishlist you only have to look under your account.

Some of the great functionality you’ll find here:

  • Price variations tracking : You can see if and how much the price changed since you added an item to your Wishlist.
  • You can reorganize the list by drag and drop, you can easily clean it as well.
  • You can add items to the cart easily, this way you won’t have to deal any longer with troublesome issues when switching devices or clearing cache and the cart being cleaned up. You just save in the wishlist and then move all, or part of it, to the cart.
  • You’ll be automatically notified of cards that are restocked if they are currently out of stock. And now you can also easily avoid such notifications in case you find that item meanwhile.
  • Lastly, you can share your Wishlist if you so desire, via direct Link , via Facebook, or via email.

Hope this new feature will be of your liking! Let us know in the comments!

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