It’s been so long that I have a hard time believing it myself but we finally managed to get the automatic buylist live.

Unlike the previous Google Sheets that had not been updated for too long, were incomplete and required some work to get going, we now have a “mirror” of the shop that you can reach through HERE or by simply clicking on Buylist at the top.

Here you can find all the cards we are searching for at a given time, and the price we are going to buy them for, in Cash or Store Credits.

It works exactly like the shop, just add to your cart the cards you wish to sell and the amount and then submit your buylist to us.

We will review it and if confirmed, you can ship the cards our way and get paid. Simple as that.

Just remember to get back to the shop side once you are done.

If you want to sell big collections, Games or products we have not yet listed, or want to sell in bulk rare or other cards you don’t find in the buylist, please reach out to us and we’ll be happy to discuss the deal in a more traditional way.

Now a few words at least for this first period of time, we did our best in creating rules for pricing and to update pricing on the shop side (as buylist are based on our prices) but please, take it as a beta.

I do expect to find mistakes, especially when it comes to pricing. Hence if you see a common card being paid 200€/$ and a Darth Maul YA (AI) Foil (or put whatever top valuable card is in your game of choice) being paid 0,5€/$ you know there’s a mistake. In either case instead of submitting the buylist please reach out so that we can fix and provide a price that makes sense.

In this first phase, feedback and bug reports are extremely appreciated, so that we can fix and offer you the best service possible.

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