Don’t miss that card again!

Have you ever hunted a single card that escaped you times and times again?

I guess that’s a pretty normal situation all of us, as collector or player, have found ourselves at some point.

Today I’m writing this article to remind you of a great feature on the website that allows you to be instantly notified when an item comes back in stock!

I notice that some of you already make use of this, and usually manage to snatch the cards they need right away.

That said some of you might not have noticed or not fully aware how it works but don’t fret, it’s rather simple:

Search for the item you are looking for

If the item is out of stock, you can simply fill in your name and email and click Subscribe Now

Rinse and repeat for all items you are on the hunt for.

Make sure that your email client does not filter out emails coming from *

You won’t get random emails, or anything of the like. Just an email notifying you the item is back in stock when that happens.

Don’t miss your chance again next time!

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