Gift Cards & Auctions

As of today the shop will start offering two new features: Gift Cards and Auctions.

Everyone knows and is used to Gift Cards and I felt it could have been helpful, especially with the upcoming Holidays.

If you have a loved one or a friend that already shares your love and knowledge for Dead CCG, you are a lucky one, since they know exactly what to gift.

But if you are not among those lucky ones, Gift Cards make it easier for them to present you something that could be appreciated even without knowing exactly what you need… And you get to do the shopping yourself!

Auctions instead are a big addition!

eBay might have a larger audience, but running auctions on our shop directly opens up a lot of paths for the future and are better and easier to manage, without running the risk that eBay might not show the listing depending on which part of the world you come from.

We are still testing and tweaking a few things, but expect to run a nice round of auction during the Holidays.

You’ll find the auctions highlighted on the Home page of the website and located in a dedicated Category within the Shop page when they’ll start rolling.

We will also communicate this with you if you are subscribed to our newsletter.

Hope you’ll enjoy!

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