Hello everyone,

It’s a great day as today, with Guardians CCG and Rifts CCG we are above the 40 Games threshold for which we list singles! It’s a great milestone and we are very happy to have gotten this far.

Also a very large Rage: Apocalypse CCG restock made its way in the shop!

But there’s no time to celebrate, there is more waiting ahead:

Blood Wars, Warcraft TCG, G.I. Joe, Warhammer 40K Horus Heresy, WarCry, Kingdom Hearts, Doomtrooper, X-Files, A Game of Thrones CCG, Legend of the 5 Rings…

And these are just some but already project us towards the 50 Games milestone!

We are always on the lookout for more games: Spellfire, Stargate TCG, OverPower, Shadowfist, Naruto CCG, Dragonball Z, Transformers TCG and more.

Help us improve our offerings by sharing the word!

If you know of anyone that has any collection of a game we don’t yet list that they want to sell, point them to us!

Remember to have them tell us who we have to thank, and if anything happens, we’ll reward you with Store Credits, depending on how the deal will go!

Same thing applies for restock of games already listed!

As a last sneak peek into the future, we are very close to finally having a buylist completely automated.

You’ll be able to tell the correct pricing you can expect at all times and if we are still interested in a specific card/product and send over your offering independently.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out!

2 thoughts on “IT’S OVER 40 GAMES – WHAT’S NEXT?

    • CardGameGeek says:

      We got some cards and listing for the game should come soon after Warcraft TCG and Kingdom Hearts TCG which are the next in line.

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