Shop Update

Hi everyone!

Been a while since I had the chance to write something and update you all.

After the relocation I really focused all my spare time to bring as much and as fast as possible new games and restock to the shop, hence I’ve been neglecting the communication part.

But let’s sum up what’s new

  • Alien vs Predator CCG now available
  • City of Heroes CCG now available
  • Warlord CCG HUGE restock now available

and what’s coming (in expected order, but might vary)

  • Middle-Earth CCG MASSIVE restock – 50% of sorting process
  • Vampire The Eternal Struggle MASSIVE restock – 40% of sorting process
  • Buffy CCG – Will be the first to be added after the above
  • Harry Potter TCG – Will follow after Buffy
  • Star Wars CCG – This will be the next big sorting project 🙂
  • Netrunner CCG
  • Shadowrun
  • Illuminati

And to relieve some of you from the waiting time I have also planned the following Discounts, so mark the date:

  • MECCG – 15% Discount on orders of 50€ or above from 1st March to 3rd March end of day.
  • VTES – 15% Discount on orders of 50€ or above from 9th March to 11th March end of day.
  • Warlord – 15% Discount on orders of 50€ or above from 23th March to 25th March end of day.

Hope there’s enough info to make everyone happy.

If you have any feedback and suggestions, please feel free to reach me out at any time!

PS: Now that the big update on the platform has been done we are head down to improve shop performance and enable more filters. Will keep you posted on this and more in the future.

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