CardGameGeek Platform – Update

Here we are in 2021 with a lot of news starting with something not related to the shop.

I know that there’s some confusion so I want to take the chance for some clarification:


CardGameGeek came to life in mid 2017, not as a shop but out of my personal passion for old CCG, as a platform for fans offering a visual Spoiler DB, Card Collection Management and Deck builder.

One of the very first draft of the website

I started with the concept and paid a web developer out of my pocket (and still do) to provide a service to the community, for free.

This piece is the core and heart of CardGameGeek: a platform for other fellow passionate CCG collectors and gamers, to share contents and enjoy the days of the old past.

As often happens there have been a few bumps in the road: a couple of the programmers left and the new ones joining had to rebuild the back-end pretty much from scratch every time for whatever reasons, effectively setting back and delaying what I would have loved to see available for you.


That said I’m happy to have found another passionate CCG collector (BenthicMaw on Discord) and professional web developer that is now working (part-time) for CGG, allowing us to push things a bit ahead.

In fact after a few months re factoring the whole DB structure of the games, we will now be able to add games with a much more steady flow.

These are just some of the available games

But, one of the most important feature for me is the newly added option for all registered users to actually submit contents:

  • Want to share an article on a CCG?
  • A Tutorial? Rambling on a game?
  • Your Review?
  • A How-To-Play video?
  • An Old tournament report?
  • Some Inquest pages relative to a game?
  • Want to re post stuff from an old Yahoo newsgroup or save something from the Wayback Machine?

Now we got you covered. Just report the original author if you are not 🙂

The reason I think this is very important is that info on these games get more difficult to find by the day, unlike prices and the cards itself, these are the pieces that truly nourish the passion in itself… the memories of the days long gone… how things were at the time… the people…

And gathering everything under a single place will make it easier for everyone to access such info, and maybe while there for info on your “main” game, peek at other games to discover new things.

Well I sincerely hope that you’ll see my point and find the time or will to submit a few words (or many) for any of the games currently available or incoming. I am definitely looking forward to reading everything that will end up there!

You can read the news on the platform HERE.

For any questions related to the platform you can reach us out via Facebook or join us on Discord.

And if you like what we are doing with this part, feel free to support us on Patreon.

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