CardGameGeek is back!

Hope everyone of you had a great time during the holidays and that this 2021 started in the best possible way for you!

For me has been an amazing experience and besides being quite bashed from the amount of work and things to do to bring the move to an end, I’m happy to say that I am ready to get back!

Many of you reached out already to get info ahead of time, but I can now say officially the shop will reopen today 5th January.

I wanted to reopen up with already some inventory refills and new games, but unlike what I was hoping for, settling down has drained all the time I had.

Luckily I have now two people that will help me sort the cards so expect faster updates compared to the latest months…

IMPORTANT: The first batch of orders will not be shipped before 12th January or 13th January as I’m finalizing the last few things.

… and now a sad news


… sad news because as a business shipping to the UK has been made extremely complex in how to handle not much the shipment but all the mandatory paperwork and administrative work needed (setting up a UK VAT, finding someone to support in the process, EORI code, etc)…

While I was expecting a similar experience to shipping to other non-EU countries, it seems that will not be the case.

What does that mean? That I have to temporarily suspend the UK as a destination until I manage to get all papers in order to do that. It will also mean that UK customers will have to pay VAT at time of purchase once everything is settled… and the same will go “soon” (1st July 2021) for all EU countries due the new regulations.

Well it is what it is, we will just need some time to adapt and everything will start flowing again as nothing happened, or I hope at least 😉

Wish you the best and talk to you soon!


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