– Rewarded Survey

With 2021 we really hope to bring CardGameGeek, the platform side ( NOT the shop, to another level.

But to do so we want to be sure that what we do reflect what you want and need from it. Hence we prepared a small survey to get your feedback. We are doing this as a free tool for you to enjoy so it only makes sense in our mind that you help shaping how it should grow.

Here you can join the survey:

On a further note, to give you all an incentive and a reward for spending your time on it, everyone that will partecipate will receive Store Credits if we get enough meaningful and useful feedback.

This is the planned reward:

1-49 Users – 1€ Store Credits

50-99 USers – 3€ Store Credits

100+ – 5€ Store Credits

IMPORTANT: The offer is valid for all surveys submitted by 22nd November end of Day. The Store Credits will be sent during Thanksgiving week, as earlier as possible. You need to have an active account on CardGameGeek Shop to be eligible to receive the Store Credits. Is paramount that you provide the same email in the survey as the one used for your account.

We are looking forward to hear your feedback and shape CardGameGeek future in the right direction!

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