Last Quarter Schedule for the Shop

Hi Everyone,

Even if we are going through some very hard times once again, I hope that all of you are safe and well.

This post today to let you know what to expect from the upcoming months:

  1. Starting from Sunday 25th October to most likely Wednesday 4th November I will be away for business. The shop will remain open for purchase but any order not fully paid by Thursday 22th October (1pm CEST) to Wednesday 4t November won’t be processed and shipped most likely before Friday 6th November. This Means if you pay via Bank Transfer on Wednesday 21st or Thursday 22th the order won’t be shipped before my return unless you provide receipt of payment.
  2. Due to a relocation a few hundreds kilometers from my current place, Thursday 26th November will be the last day to submit orders for 2020. Orders will be shipped on Friday 27th November.
  3. The Shop will re-open hopefully in mid-January, early February at the latest from a completely new location. More info on this will follow when the time comes.

I want you to be able to be aware of all this to be able to plan accordingly, specially if you or any of your loved ones wanted to make a present for the Xmas holidays.

Until we speak again,


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