Buylists are here!

Yes, you got it right I finally managed to put together what I would call an Alpha version of Buylists.

To make things clear… If you are not in the US, you don’t have any access to Crystal Commerce (platform for Board and Cardgame retailers to sell online etc) and sadly enough there’s no plug-in of sort that I could find to make an automated Buylist solution for WordPress.

That said, while I wait for a better time to invest in some web developer to create a customized tool for this I put together a more old-school solution that you can find Here (or access at any time from the Store header at the top of the page).

I put together a Google Sheet, openly shared, for each of the game in store listing what we are looking for, buyout price, amount,etc

To make this work, as explained in the Buylists page, you can copy it in your Google Drive, edit then share, or Download as an excel file then edit and share/send.

I’m still happy to keep doing deal the old way, specially when it comes to lots, but if you want some quick Store Credits or Cash, and have something that is of our interest, at least you can get a sense of how much you can put together without the need to ask.

On top of that I have now opened up to a few more products:

Besides the CCG, either Sealed or Singles, and relative accessories, I am now also looking for old CCG (and not) Magazines, RPG Books and Novels from some RPG settings.

Since we are looking for a lot of items, it could be a good chance to ripe up some cash or Store Credits.

If you have any questions or doubt, just reach me out and I’ll be happy to discuss as always.

Have a great time,


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