Loyalty Discount Program

Hello all!

Hope you are doing well during these times.

Today I want to share with you the Loyalty Discount Program we have put in place.

I set up 4 Tiers of rewards, based on the total you spent in the Store, since your first purchase. Each Tier will grant you a % discount on ALL your future orders, forever!

The Tiers are as follow:

Tier 1 : 1€ to 499€ Total Spent – 3% Discount

Tier 2 : 500€ to 2999€ Total Spent – 5% Discount

Tier 3 : 3000€ to 6999€ Total Spent – 7% Discount

Tier 4 : 7000€ and Above Total Spent – 10% Discount

While the ranges might seem high, consider that this is lifetime, hence you’ll just keep piling up your Total with any purchase and once you get to the new Tier this will be applied for all future purchases.

Furthermore the Discount is applied automatically at checkout, so you don’t have to do anything more than shopping to enjoy it!

Hope you’ll enjoy and appreciate this solution!

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