Shipping Updates & Upcoming features

Hello everyone!

Hope you are enjoying the summer.

I just got back from a short holiday and with the return I wanted to make some changes.

The COVID situation is not going to go away for a good while, or so it seems, but despite that I wanted to open up again the destinations and shipping options I kept closed this far.

What exactly does this mean exactly?

I am shipping again to all destinations excluding New Zealand (since for some reason it’s a blocked destination for the shipping company I use).

A few destinations will also see a slight increase in the shipping costs due the surcharge it takes to ship there.

Furthermore I am opening again all shipping options with some caveats:

  • International Priority Mail : It’s the cheapest option, comes without tracking. In this case I do not take responsibility on the successful delivery nor on the delivery time. Without tracking there’s nothing I can do to help and given the current situation I cannot tell if and how long it will take. This is applicable to all destinations.
  • Registered Mail : This is the standard option with tracking. Is the option I prefer personally. Gives both of the parties involved a sense of what’s going on and allows me to work for retrieval in case things go sour. In this case I do not take responsibility for the delivery time. I have been there and many orders to the US and CA took up to 3 months to be delivered. I am not aware of the situation in all your countries so you can make a better evaluation. This is applicable to all non European Union destinations. Furthermore for the Latam area I do not take responsibility for the successful delivery as well.
  • UPS : This is the safest and faster option. In this case I am confident in their ability to deliver quickly and safely to all destinations. Of course this comes with a higher price tag.

Upcoming Features

I’m planning on making things a little better both from a navigation point of view but also on the purchase side.

In an effort to reward our returning customers I’m looking into adding an automatic Point system.

Based on your purchase, you’ll get rewarded a fixed amount of points you can redeem for Store Credits. If you are wondering what about all your previous purchases… well if everything goes well I should be able to reward all your purchases done before this new feature goes live.

Another feature I’m looking into right now is a referral system that rewards both the referral and the referred. This is a way to thank you for sharing the word about CardGameGeek Store.

One more thing I’m looking into is an improved Filter feature. I understand how boring it can be sometimes to navigate dozens of pages… so what I’m looking to add are filters for :

  • In Stock / Out of Stock
  • Card Rarity
  • Card Type
  • Card Faction
  • Card Class

While not all of them are applicable to all games, I’m pretty sure this will make things much much better.

Lastly, but I know this is still very far given it needs to be done from scratch, on my to-do list it’s a full fledged Buylist feature. Many people asked for it and I think it will make things much easier.

Well that’s all Folks… for now !


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