Important Changes: Shipping Areas/Prices and Refund Policies

First of all I want to say that I wish you are all safe during this hard times!

What’s happening with COVID-19 has changed our lives and in the last weeks I kept the store closed to understand what the best course of action could be considering the major delays, and in some cases full stop, that postal services are facing all around the world.

I’m writing you today to let you know that I am going to re open the store to test the waters, likely later this week (Friday 17th April), but it’s important for me to disclose the few caveats that come with it:

  • For EU Countries: Be aware tho that to some specific area of Italy, Spain and France is not possible to ship at all. If you should happen to be in one of those and place an order, you’ll get refunded in case I’m unable to send anything your way. If you are in doubt please get in touch before submitting your order.
  • For US/Canada: I’ve been thinking to exclude them for now, since delays can be very long and price to ship raised due the limited flights. At the end of the day I thought that it was ok to open as long as you were given all the info to make an informed decision. So expect an increased shipping cost for the time being and be ready to wait patiently if you choose to do so. 
  • Rest of the World: At this time I will not provide shipping anywhere outside EU countries, US and CA. I apologize with you all but there are too many difficulties and the risks of loss are too high.

The changes that will apply to everyone regardless (and only until this situation lasts) are the following:

  • Only option with tracking will be enabled. This will help us at least keep tab on where things are at any given moment and put me in a position to help you investigate if anything should happen.
  • IMPORTANT: I will do my best to provide you top delivery as usual and, having the tracking code, will do all I can to make this as smooth as possible, but in the unlucky chance an item should get lost, I wil NOT offer any refund. This is a decision I have to take in order to being able to re open and, as said, it’s only something that will last until the situation normalize. But I want everyone to be aware that by ordering you are taking full responsibility. I sincerely hope I will never need to have such discussion with any of you, but it’s better to state it right away.

Last IMPORTANT piece is something that goes above me and I had to follow up. PayPal, being greedy as they get, from sometime earlier in March (in Italy at least), when a seller refund (partially or totally) a buyer, PayPal will no longer refund their fees, but the whole amount will be refunded out of the seller pocket. They will keep their fees no matter what.

What’s this mean for us is that, if I make a mistake, an error in inventory, etc and need to provide you a refund, I will be liable for it and provide you the full sum. In case you change your mind on an order, want to remove anything, cancel it, etc you’ll be refunded the sum minus the amount that cover PayPal fees. This will be specially important for purchases made on eBay. 

I truly hope everything will be back to normal as soon as possible, but in the meantime I’ll stick to the above changes.

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