Corona Virus – Shop Closure & Additional Info

Hi Everyone,

At time like this it’s important to take extreme precautions for our own and everyone safety.

While Shipment of goods have been deemed safe even from China, some countries are rising block for goods coming from Europe and/or major delays has to be expected.

While we all love our hobby, me in first line, to avoid anything getting lost in the mess that the coming weeks might bring, I’m closing the shop until a situation is back to a normal state, or at least to a point where everyone will feel safe again.

Orders to USA that has not been yet shipped will see a full refund and they can be re-submitted at a later date. Orders within Europe will be shipped this Friday. No further orders will be available starting today.

I do not want to hold your money without a clear date. I will contact everyone involved to explain the situation and I hope you will understand the reasons that brought me to this point.

Again, to avoid panic, it’s IMPORTANT that people understand that goods ARE SAFE.

If you are receiving something from me, these goods are safe. I am doing this because I do expect major delay (months) in delivery and a high risk of loss. It’s never good for anyone of the parties involved.

Additional Information

I want to take the chance to spread some information that might be useful to everyone.

  • If you have any doubts, always rely ONLY to official organization such as the World Health Organization. They have all the info you might need. A great FAQ page can be found here.
  • Do not listen to everything you see/read on Soacial Media. These have been first cause for Panic spreading.
  • Keep your cool! It’s not a zombie apocalypse, it’s a Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome with a mortality rate much lower than the previous SARS. The real problem is that it spreads fast and easily.
  • Keep your hygiene to a max, wash often hands.
  • Stay at least at 1 meter from everyone else.
  • Avoid travelling outside if not for primary necessity. #stayathome is now a must in Italy. It really can make a difference. Running away will not do any good.

Stay safe and take care of your loved ones!


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