CardGameGeek Store is NOW LIVE!

We are finally happy to announce that our Web Store is now live!

It took a real effort to build up the website, inventorize all the cards for all games and find a proper way to sync with our eBay store but we did it!

Many people already know our service due to eBay but also for those who didn’t before, here’s what the launch of the website will means:

  • Cheaper prices – we can now cut out that annoying eBay fee. This apply to both products and shipping costs.
  • Endless more cards, including Common and Uncommons – On eBay we are limited to the number of cards we could list and for some games like VTES, we add to sell lower value cards in lots (10x,6x, or Crypt lots). This is no more the case!
  • Shipping calculated automatically – This is a great win, no more refunds, or problems due the eBay system limitations. You add the cards to the cart and it automatically calculate the shipping costs allowing more options when available.
  • Offer/Discount/Flash Sale – This is something I always wanted to do, but eBay make a mess out of it and does not allow discount when you are already offering combined shipping. Now I’ll be able to provide you with great saving opportunities, be them normal discounts, contests or more!

We are offering, right at the start the following games:

  • Vampire The Eternal Struggle
  • Middle-Earth CCG
  • Warlord Saga of the Storm
  • Rage Apocalypse
  • Dune CCG
  • Legend of the Burning Sands
  • Call of Cthulhu CCG
  • Mythos
  • Wheel of Time CCG
  • Tomb Raider
  • A Ton of various Old CCG Sealed Products

While it took a while already to prepare these, we will soon follow with the following games as well:

  • Star Trek CCG 1E
  • Lord of the Rings TCG
  • Star Wars CCG
  • Babylon 5
  • Deadlands Doomtown
  • 7th Seas
  • Rage Across Las Vegas

More and more will follow, but it require a bit of time between sorting cards and preparing the listing.

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Always do not forget that CardGameGeek is not only a shop but a larger project built out of love for Old CCG.

You can get your Collection Management, Deck Builder and more for many games already at our main website

While I truly wanted the platform and the shop to be well linked together, so that you need only one account that could log in in both, at this time the difference in the framework used (The Shop running on WordPress and the Website running on Laravel) make it so it won’t be possible from the start. It might be a bit of a bother for now but we are already looking into solutions to link the accounts and make and the shop working under the same roof. It will just take a bit of time as we do not want to rush a solution now just to go back and rework everything from scratch later on.

We have only so much time available and a lot of things on our backlog already, that wasting time isn’t a wise move.

If you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact us!

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